First Presbyterian Church is seeking a Senior Pastor...

...who will be an active part of our body, teaching and equipping us in God’s word while graciously pastoring us through life.

We are a loving, welcoming, and caring church that serves the small town of Eden, North Carolina. Our congregation is relaxed and tends to dress casually on Sundays, but our worship of God is deep and sincere.

We care for our community and are involved in local missions; we also support several missionaries serving around the world.

As members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we embody the denomination’s motto of "unity in the essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and charity in all things."


Eden, North Carolina - Small Town, Big Outdoors

Once three separate towns, the small city of Eden was born when Leaksville, Spray, and Draper consolidated in 1967. Current population is about 16,000. Also known as the Land of Two Rivers, Eden is traversed by the Dan and Smith rivers; they once powered textile mills along their banks, but now provide a natural experience second to none. Eden serves as a base camp to the foothills of NC for unlimited access to the Great Outdoors. Residents and visitors alike enjoy everything from hiking and mountain biking, kayaking to hunting, and fly fishing to swimming.

While maintaining a small-town feel (with small-town prices!) Eden has many big-town amenities, including public and private schools, a hospital managed by UNC Health, and multiple industries. This is a growing community in the middle of a downtown Main-Street revitalization and home to the newest Purina Corporation processing plant.

Eden is within easy driving distance of Greensboro's international airport, other first-rate hospitals, and world class colleges. Median home price in Eden is $175,000. Average rent (3 Bdrm) is $1,125 per month.


Welcome to Eden!


The North Carolina Pottery Festival is often held at First Presbyterian Church


Riverfest is a well-attended annual event in Eden.

Our Priorities

  • Preaching and Teaching

  • Pastoral Care

  • Vision and Leadership

Preaching and Teaching

  • Foster and nurture Spiritual growth toward maturity and wisdom within the church body
  • Lead Sunday services that give glory to God through authentic worship and biblical learning
  • Preach the Word through engaging Biblically based sermons
  • Facilitate periodic Bible studies, discussions, and meetings to go deeper into God’s word and
    build unity around what God is doing in the Church
  • Collaborate with, and equip elders and gifted teachers to be effective in their teaching and discipleship ministries

Pastoral Care

  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and baptisms.
  • Actively participate in the delivery of pastoral care including pastoral counseling, hospital visitation, and conflict reconciliation.
  • Prioritize building personal connections with the members of the congregation.
  • Coordinate with elders and care ministry leads to ensure that all requests for pastoral, physical and relational care are responded to in a timely manner

Vision and Leadership

  • Moderate meetings of the Session and congregation with the EPC Book of Order.
  • Being accountable to the other elders, and through the direction of the Holy Spirit, live out and communicate our church purpose, character, and plans as we strive to be faithful to God’s leading.
  • Inspire and empower people to live out and share the Gospel and Christ’s love in their communities and beyond.
  • Act as Head of Staff to supervise and build a sense of unity and mutual accountability amongst staff.
  • Work with Session to identify, equip, and encourage new leaders within the congregation.
  • Work with elders and ministry leaders to build and sustain teaching and discipleship opportunities for the church, with an emphasis on small groups.


  • Ordained or ordainable in the EPC.
  • 3+ years’ experience with exegetical preaching and pastoral care responsibilities preferred.
  • Preaches Biblically-based sermons that are authentic, clear, and make the scriptures come alive to the listener.
  • Must take their own spiritual care seriously and make their time with God a priority.
  • Desire to be an active attender of EPC Presbytery meetings and other denominational activities.
  • Able to teach biblical truth, with grace and humility, to a diverse community of traditions and denominational backgrounds.

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"I love my church family. Next to my own family, these are my people that I love dearly."


J. Young
Church Member

"We were looking for a good church in Eden - at FPC we found a great church that preaches and teaches the Word faithfully, regularly, and deeply - and it even came with a wonderful family of caring people! Can't ask for more!"


E. Peele
Church Member